Although I published some of my key winter trends a couple of weeks ago.. winter is a very long time in England and new trends are emerging all the time!  I have completely fallen in love with Missguided’s PVC selection. Topshop do a very similar skirt but Missguided are quickly becoming the online highstreet-go-to store, for their inexpensive but still on trend pieces.
You can dress PVC up or down, a cropped fluffy jumper is so on trend and makes the look more casual. But team the skirt with heels and a cropped top and you’re ready for a night out.
PVC used to be called the cheap and tacky material, but  I think this glossy look is classy and glamorous. It’s funny how trends and fabrics evolve, it reminds me of the leopard print transition, as it was once known for being cheap, but at one point not long ago, it completely took over the high streets, and it was definitely one of my favourite prints.
Give PVC try and let me know what you think, even better, tweet me a picture of you wearing your PVC item @making__up!