The Kardashian/Jenner family… Now, you either love them or you hate them. And I’m not ashamed to say, I love them. (That probably excludes their clothing range which I can’t even talk about…….) My favourite is, and has always been, the star Kim. I just find her so funny and intriguing to watch.. which I know a lot of people won’t agree with.

Buuuuuut.. this post is not about the ‘star’ of the family Kim, it is in fact about my new emerging favourite, Kylie! After watching the most recent KUWTK episode, it shows Kim talking about how cool she thinks Kylie is and it dawned on me…….. she is actually really cool. Her blog, is filled with iconic images and as Kim said, it really is an insight ‘into her soul.’

As this is a beauty blog.. Obviously I am going to talk about Kylie’s make-up ways as well as her style, and the thing I am most drawn to about Kylie is the way she emphasises, or at least does not try to cover up, how pale she is.. And being surrounded by olive skinned Armenian sisters, I applaud her for not being sucked into the tanning world (*applause*)

I think her skin colour in this picture is more of a statement than her outfit. Her porcelain, flawless legs really caught my eye and if anything, I think it only adds to the outfit.. It’s sad how a girl may feel self-conscious or embarrassed if they wore a short skirt without tanning.

The second thing I’ve noticed about Kylie is always her flawless eye-makeup, and the way that she has developed, even by the age of 16 a classic look that really suits her. This look is a slightly brown smoky eye with heavy eyeliner. In this pic you can see really clearly her statement eyeliner:

Do you rate Kylie’s style? Or do you think another member of the family does it better? I wana know!