The Best Face Wash

Neutrogena Visibly clear 2 in 1 wash and mask


So I’ve introduced you to the worst face wash. Now let me introduce you to the best. Girls, meet Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask. Offering a solution to spots, it aims to clear oil and ‘remove spot-causing bacteria.’ The texture is quite thick and creamy, and depending on your needs you can use it as a quick all over face wash, or leave it on until it dries into a mask to really unclog pores.

Unlike the directions on the bottle, I wouldn’t recommend using the product both morning and evening if you have normal/dry to dry skin. In fact, if you have really dry skin I’m not sure I would recommend using this product at all. My skin is normal/dry, and I tend to just spot-apply, excuse the pun, so just apply where you need it and leave. For me, this is around my chin and jawline. It dries out the spots wonderfully, and stops them spreading. A mini horror story for you all to demonstrate the drying-out powers of this face wash: I once forgot I had the mask on, and didn’t wash it off for over an hour; the next morning I woke up and my skin was so so flaky in certain areas on my face. So much so, that I had to coat it in E45 and adjust my normal make up routine. Don’t let this put you off, though! One thing I will stress, this is definitely aimed at people with spots, and so if you’re looking for an everyday face wash, I would probably go for something gentler.

You can purchase Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask (bit of a mouthful) from most drug stores or supermarkets, for a cheap and cheerful £3.79.

What’s your favourite face wash?


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Empowering Women with Polish

Undercover Colors

When empowering women and beauty products meet, you know it’s going to be a winner. A group of students from North Carolina State University have developed a nail polish product under the name Undercover Colours which changes colour when it is faced with a date-rape drug. What could potentially be a night club bag staple is now looking for big investors so it can be made and commercially sold. I really hope this pulls through; any product that can help women identify a dangerous situation, especially with something as subtle as a nail polish, sounds like a good idea to me.

Is this a product you would pay for? Do you think it has set a path for more women empowering beauty products? Let me know what you think!


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Devastating or pioneering?

After the news broke of Company discontinuing their printed magazine and moving solely online, tweets flooded in to the magazine’s Twitter and their staff writers, explaining how sad they are and that it was such devastating news.

…But is it?

We all continue to say how much we love settling down with a cuppa and a mag, but how often do we actually do this anymore? If you compare how often you sit down to read a magazine, to how often you open links to articles on Twitter, or go direct to the website – I think we all know what would come out on top.

I love print magazines myself, finding out who the monthly cover star is, the intricate designs of the page that surround the feature and the smell (who doesn’t love the smell of a new mag?) But with the rise of bloggers and social media over the past few years, it has been hard to ignore the decline in urge to pick up a mag these days.

Remember Never Underdressed? The completely online magazine from ShortList Media, filled with witty articles and GIFS was my favourite. I know what you’re thinking – why are you comparing Company’s future with an online magazine that has recently closed down? Well hear me out. Never Underdressed was brand new and just like new bloggers, it had to build up a fan base. Company already has a strong fan base, it already has the Twitter followers and it already has people who will repeatedly come back and support them.

Company’s editorial tone of voice will relish and only excel with the use of GIFS, emoji’s and other online features, such as interactive adverts and competitions to gain revenue. I see nothing but a bright future for Company magazine.

What do you think?

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NEWS: Birchbox Opens Store

birchbox opens store


If I were to open a shop, it would be exactly like this one…

Beauty box subscription company Birchbox have officially taken a leap of faith and opened a physical store in the one and only, New York City. Focusing on making beauty shopping a slightly different experience, Birchbox recognise that when you go make-up shopping, you usually go shopping for a specific product; be that a lip liner, a foundation or an eye shadow – rather than shopping for just one brand. That’s why they have separated their stands by product, rather than brand, differentiating themselves from what you find in department stores. This means you can walk in, have a selection of lip liners in red, compare, and then pick your fave right there and then! Sounds a dream, huh? Well if it can’t get any better than that, (and perhaps I’m just too over excited as that has always been a dream of mine), they also have group beauty classes that you can attend and a place for you to get your hair and make-up done. Now it really can’t get much better than that, can it? If only I lived in NYC…


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Introducing Kim Kardashian West..

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Kim Kardashian West’s wedding looked spectacular but did we really expect anything less with Kanye West as her partner? The Givenchy Couture dress, the trail and the extravagant wall of flowers were classic and classy. I love these photos but I am also really eager to see a classic Kim selfie from her wedding day, so I can get a better look of her make up and hair!

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My Benefit Audition Experience

benefit audition

Before I attended my Benefit audition, I searched all over the internet for advice and tips, to be faced with a range of horrible experiences, which made me feel vulnerable and nervous. Before I go into my experience, I will answer the question that I’m sure is on your minds, did I get the job? Well, the answer unfortunately is no I didn’t, and I’m ok with that! A lot of posts I have read seem to be infused with bitterness and anger, perhaps because they didn’t get the job, but I relatively enjoyed the whole Benefit audition experience.

I turned up a good 45 minutes early to the Benefit audition, and browsed Debenhams (where my Benefit audition was being held) for most of that time, to avoid looking too keen. I went to the Benefit counter 15 minutes prior to my interview. There were 5 of us altogether, and we were greeted by a lovely Benefit Cosmetics regional manager who was very chatty and welcoming and automatically put all our nerves at ease.

In the training room, we first had to introduce ourselves and say a little bit about ourselves. This mainly included what you were studying at the moment and past relative experience, but it’s really not that formal, she just wanted to know our names. Secondly, we received a demonstration of how to traffic stop. Using the line ‘Hello, how are you today? Have you heard of benefit cosmetics before?’ And, understanding that whether the customer said yes or no, you were then to say, ‘Come with me and I’ll try out some products on you!’ The key thing the regional manager drummed into us, is to remember not to actually ask them. As weird and as rude as that may sound, they encourage strongly that you almost tell them to follow you.

We then went through different objections customers may have, whether that’s a time issue, picking the kids up soon, meeting a friend… Whatever they say, you had to turn it around and make sure they come over. After role playing between the five of us and practising our lines on each other, we were then taught how to apply six key products. These products were the Benefit Eye Cream, POREfessional, You Rebel, High beam, Benetint and They’re Real mascara. All pretty easy products to apply. We had a go on each other and it would be at this point I would advise you to wear natural foundation, as you will have make up applied to you and you don’t want to look too cakey. Also make sure you bring some of your own make up with you just in case the other girl messes up!

We then made our way to the shop floor. No matter how nervous you are feeling at this point, you really have to put on a confident and smiley front. We were left to our own devices and told to approach customers in the way we were taught, and this is where a key mistake I believe I made comes in…

After being told we could go anywhere in the store, I thought that it would be better if I ventured away from the beauty counter, thinking I would have more chance getting people to sit down, who had not already been approached by the other girls. I didn’t realise until after, but this is probably a last resort and not one I would advise to you. It is much easier to grab someone as they stroll past the counter or in the surrounding areas, and get them to sit down then it is to get them down a flight of stairs..

After around 30 minutes of asking everyone I saw and not getting anyone to sit down, I knew my time was up. A couple of the other girls had already got 2 people to sit down, so it wasn’t a surprise when the regional manager approached me telling me that I hadn’t been successful. She was lovely, and explained this role was hands on and required a lot of approaching people and getting people to sit down. And instead of saying I wasn’t right for the job; she implied that the job itself wasn’t right for me. She was probably right.

She thanked me a lot for coming to the audition, asked me about my future plans, wished me all the best for the future and gave me a 15% off voucher to use on any Benefit cosmetic products. Despite not getting the job, it was a great experience and the girls I met were lovely! Anything you do in life, bad or good is an experience and you will learn from it, so don’t feel disheartened if you also do not get the job.

benefit audition

Top Benefit Audition Tips:

Smile a lot! Remember Benefit emphasise that laughter is the best cosmetic..

Try and be as confident as you can

Stay relatively close to the counter

Approach every person you can

Don’t let ‘no’s’ knock your confidence

Don’t be bitter if you don’t get the job, it just wasn’t right for you!



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Aveda Nourish Mint Collection Review


I was gifted this Aveda lip set, (not PR, a genuine present) and I was surprised to see it was Aveda as I thought they did purely hair products.

For me, when I think Aveda, I naturally and probably naively, automatically think hair care and that’s it. So when I was gifted this Aveda lip set, I was taken aback. The set was part of a collection they are doing called Nourish Mint, which essentially just means they aim to moisturise your lips and have an organic vanilla mint fragrance as well. The set comprised of, a lip liner in the colour Cactus Blossom, a lipstick in Peruvian Lily and a lipgloss in Rose Copper.


I love my lip liners at the moment so I obviously tried that first. (first picture). It was very pigmented, I didn’t need to press down to get a defined line and when I put it all over my lips it wasn’t dry or matte, but very creamy, a definite lipstick texture. A light covering is all you need though, as I noticed when I began to build it up with more product, it was too creamy to work with!

The lipstick is essentially exactly the same colour, a bright hot pink so it’s easy to wear those two together. Yet on its own, it’s not as pigmented as the lip liner and although definitely buildable, it could be easily worn as a sheer lipstick which is probably more suitable for everyday and from the pictures looks more like a lip tint.

I haven’t worn lip gloss for absolutely ages, I just hate that sticky feeling and find the whole gloss look a bit dated. Lipstick or just lip liner was always the way forward in my life so I wasn’t expecting much from this lip gloss. It has a thick consistency which if I’m honest frightened me a bit, as thick consistency to me has always meant… sticky mess buuuut  I was pleasantly surprised. The colour was very sheer, with hints of sparkle and was a subtle rose gold colour – but could also be a ‘my-lips-but-better’ colour for some people. It didn’t stick at all, but I wouldn’t put too much on as it is thick and can feel quite heavy and waxy. This is a colour I will wear more every day, as I try once again to step out of my lip liner and lip stick phase..

I’m not sure where you can buy these products, as I said they were a present, but on the website seems like a pretty good place to start..

Lipliner price: £14.50

Lipstick: £12.50-£13

Lipgloss: £15.50-£16


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