NEWS: Felicity Jones. That’s all.

The name Felicity Jones may be fresh in your mind due to her Oscar nominated performance of Jane Wilde in the film The Theory of Everything, but, if you’re a true chick-flick lover like ourselves, you may also remember her playing Kim from the film Chalet Girl with Ed Westwick. No, we don’t blame you if Ed Westwick is the only thing you can remember from the film. Aaaand if we’re really going back in time, you may remember her from the classic childhood programme, The Worst Witch, where she played Ethel Hallow. Well, if you don’t know her after that introduction. You’re about to. Magnificently gracing the cover of InStyle UK and becoming the cover story for the industry’s beauty edit Violet Grey, Jones is officially here to stay. We’re forecasting big things for this young woman. Check out her best looks from InStyle UK’s March cover and Violet Grey below:

Felicity Jones InStyleFelicity Jones Felicity Jones VG 2

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TREND REPORT: Double Winged Eyeliner

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I love make up. I am a complete make up hoarder. But when it comes to experimenting with make up, I’m really not that brave. So I often look for subtle ways to change my make up from the usual day or night routine. This double winged eyeliner trend is subtle yet sleek so fits in perfectly with my not-so-outgoing-make up. I know what you’re thinking – it’s hard enough getting one pair of eyeliner wings to match, let alone two pairs – but get it right, and the payoff is worth it. Embraced by Kim Kardashian for years and spotted at Peter Philip’s first catwalk for Christian Dior for their Spring/Summer ’15 collection, the trend can be adjusted to your own style. It can be as bold and dramatic as you like; infusing colours, sparkles and glitters, or as subtle as you want; a small, blurred wing pulled out from the lower lash line. Not something to try for the first time before you go out, this trend will take practice and when you do, keep near you lots of cotton buds (or Q tips) to wipe away those pesky strays.

Will this be a trend you will be incorporating into your make up?


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Empowering Women with Polish

Undercover Colors

When empowering women and beauty products meet, you know it’s going to be a winner. A group of students from North Carolina State University have developed a nail polish product under the name Undercover Colours which changes colour when it is faced with a date-rape drug. What could potentially be a night club bag staple is now looking for big investors so it can be made and commercially sold. I really hope this pulls through; any product that can help women identify a dangerous situation, especially with something as subtle as a nail polish, sounds like a good idea to me.

Is this a product you would pay for? Do you think it has set a path for more women empowering beauty products? Let me know what you think!


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NEWS: Birchbox Opens Store

birchbox opens store


If I were to open a shop, it would be exactly like this one…

Beauty box subscription company Birchbox have officially taken a leap of faith and opened a physical store in the one and only, New York City. Focusing on making beauty shopping a slightly different experience, Birchbox recognise that when you go make-up shopping, you usually go shopping for a specific product; be that a lip liner, a foundation or an eye shadow – rather than shopping for just one brand. That’s why they have separated their stands by product, rather than brand, differentiating themselves from what you find in department stores. This means you can walk in, have a selection of lip liners in red, compare, and then pick your fave right there and then! Sounds a dream, huh? Well if it can’t get any better than that, (and perhaps I’m just too over excited as that has always been a dream of mine), they also have group beauty classes that you can attend and a place for you to get your hair and make-up done. Now it really can’t get much better than that, can it? If only I lived in NYC…


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