Week #1 – Schedules and Analysis

Welcome to Week #1.

It’s happening. It’s really happening. I’ve joined the gym and I’ve done a weekly shop. For myself I’ve found that the best way to go forward is to create a food and gym schedule. I like to write down what I’m going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day because from previous diets I’ve realised something that has let me down is opportunity. By this, I mean if I haven’t got anything in the fridge as a meal, I’ll just order a dominos. Not great!

Before shopping, I decided to sit down and take a long look at my diet and be honest about what I really needed to change. I found that my weaknesses were at three stages of the day. 1) Breakfast 2) The 4pm energy booster 3) Just before bed. For breakfast I would just have anything I could put my hands on or nothing. Quite often last year I found myself having triple chocolate muffins for breakfast because they were there and I needed something quick. Now I look back and cringe. I’ve decided to make the concious effort to make time for breakfast, even if it means having to wake up 20 minutes earlier, because it is such an important meal of the day. In this time, I’ll have porridge and almond milk. I’d advise looking at the ingredients before you buy the oats and just check they are 100% oats and not mixed with anything. You can add loads of things to porridge from fruit and seeds to honey, so you can be creative! I don’t mind plain porridge, so I’m going to stick to a big bowl of that every morning. This should carry me through until lunch time.

At 4pm is when my cravings really kick in. Needing the energy to power through the last couple of hours at work, I’ll fancy something like a sugary tea and toast. But no, this time I’ve added to my shopping list bananas, and lots of them. A cup of black tea and a banana will be my new 4pm go-to.

This transitions will hopefully go smoothly, however the transition I’m least looking forward to is no snacking before bed. I’m really going to try and just go cold-turkey on this habit as it’s not good at all. I have though bought ’emergency kit kats’ as they’re not to bad at 100 calories per bar, but I hope that the packet will remain closed.

For a more detailed run down of my meals, please see my weekly food diary here.

Good luck!

 makingup xo

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