TREND REPORT: Double Winged Eyeliner

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I love make up. I am a complete make up hoarder. But when it comes to experimenting with make up, I’m really not that brave. So I often look for subtle ways to change my make up from the usual day or night routine. This double winged eyeliner trend is subtle yet sleek so fits in perfectly with my not-so-outgoing-make up. I know what you’re thinking – it’s hard enough getting one pair of eyeliner wings to match, let alone two pairs – but get it right, and the payoff is worth it. Embraced by Kim Kardashian for years and spotted at Peter Philip’s first catwalk for Christian Dior for their Spring/Summer ’15 collection, the trend can be adjusted to your own style. It can be as bold and dramatic as you like; infusing colours, sparkles and glitters, or as subtle as you want; a small, blurred wing pulled out from the lower lash line. Not something to try for the first time before you go out, this trend will take practice and when you do, keep near you lots of cotton buds (or Q tips) to wipe away those pesky strays.

Will this be a trend you will be incorporating into your make up?


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New Look Autumn/ Winter 14 Collection Preview

Although it feels like it barely passed, AW is upon us again and summer is very nearly over. It’s my favourite time of year for fashion and I’m so excited for the brand new array of coats, boots and evening outfits to hit shop floors this September. I was lucky enough to attend the Autumn Winter 2014 New Look Press Event back in May and am so excited to show you some exclusive pictures of their new collection and key trends for this Autumn/Winter.

New look autumn winter 2014 collection New look autumn winter 2014 collection New look autumn winter 2014 collection New look autumn winter 2014 collection New look autumn winter 2014 collection New look autumn winter 2014 collection

The peep toe trend has officially come full circle. From being a trend synonymous with the 1940’s, it has made its way through the designer circle and slipped down in to the high street stores, with New Look taking it under their wing, displaying some lovely peep toe options. The cut out detailing and the buckle make this peep toe boot rather biker-ish, and the simpler sleek mules, reference a SS14 Whistles pair, at a much more affordable price. Both can be easily teamed with skinny jeans and a casual top for a stylish day time outfit.

New look autumn winter 2014 collectionNew look autumn winter 2014 collection

Similar to the Topshop jumpsuit we have all seen this season, which comes in black, pink and white – New Look have done their own (and hopefully slightly cheaper) version. Again symbolising a classic Whistle’s design from the SS14 season, the jumpsuit is strapless, fitted and with a straight leg. On the back there is also an oval cut out shape, but avoids the no bra dilemma by still keeping a band on the back.

Fotor090713491 - CopyIf you fell in love with the 90’s this season, like I definitely did with Iggy Azeala’s Fancy video and Kylie Jenner’s make up, then there is something for you here. This shoe and bag combo screams the 90’s. The low chunky heel and pointy top is something you’ll definitely see on the feet of the women in the films Sliding Doors or American Beauty! And the check detailing of course relating to Iggy’s take on the Clueless outfit.

New look autumn winter 2014 collection

Just because winter is here, it doesn’t mean you have to throw your pastels away and move to dark reds and purples. By combining some texture, New Look has created the winter pastels. I’m not sure how confident I would be carrying the pink fluffy tote bag just yet, but can see a more stylish person carrying it off perfectly. The suede texture on the shoes and the leather crocodile skin effect on the bag also make this pastel blue a staple winter edition.

New look autumn winter 2014 collectionNew look autumn winter 2014 collection


Do you have your eye on anything in this collection? I know I do…



The Best Face Wash

Neutrogena Visibly clear 2 in 1 wash and mask


So I’ve introduced you to the worst face wash. Now let me introduce you to the best. Girls, meet Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask. Offering a solution to spots, it aims to clear oil and ‘remove spot-causing bacteria.’ The texture is quite thick and creamy, and depending on your needs you can use it as a quick all over face wash, or leave it on until it dries into a mask to really unclog pores.

Unlike the directions on the bottle, I wouldn’t recommend using the product both morning and evening if you have normal/dry to dry skin. In fact, if you have really dry skin I’m not sure I would recommend using this product at all. My skin is normal/dry, and I tend to just spot-apply, excuse the pun, so just apply where you need it and leave. For me, this is around my chin and jawline. It dries out the spots wonderfully, and stops them spreading. A mini horror story for you all to demonstrate the drying-out powers of this face wash: I once forgot I had the mask on, and didn’t wash it off for over an hour; the next morning I woke up and my skin was so so flaky in certain areas on my face. So much so, that I had to coat it in E45 and adjust my normal make up routine. Don’t let this put you off, though! One thing I will stress, this is definitely aimed at people with spots, and so if you’re looking for an everyday face wash, I would probably go for something gentler.

You can purchase Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash and Mask (bit of a mouthful) from most drug stores or supermarkets, for a cheap and cheerful £3.79.

What’s your favourite face wash?


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