Aveda Nourish Mint Collection Review


I was gifted this Aveda lip set, (not PR, a genuine present) and I was surprised to see it was Aveda as I thought they did purely hair products.

For me, when I think Aveda, I naturally and probably naively, automatically think hair care and that’s it. So when I was gifted this Aveda lip set, I was taken aback. The set was part of a collection they are doing called Nourish Mint, which essentially just means they aim to moisturise your lips and have an organic vanilla mint fragrance as well. The set comprised of, a lip liner in the colour Cactus Blossom, a lipstick in Peruvian Lily and a lipgloss in Rose Copper.


I love my lip liners at the moment so I obviously tried that first. (first picture). It was very pigmented, I didn’t need to press down to get a defined line and when I put it all over my lips it wasn’t dry or matte, but very creamy, a definite lipstick texture. A light covering is all you need though, as I noticed when I began to build it up with more product, it was too creamy to work with!

The lipstick is essentially exactly the same colour, a bright hot pink so it’s easy to wear those two together. Yet on its own, it’s not as pigmented as the lip liner and although definitely buildable, it could be easily worn as a sheer lipstick which is probably more suitable for everyday and from the pictures looks more like a lip tint.

I haven’t worn lip gloss for absolutely ages, I just hate that sticky feeling and find the whole gloss look a bit dated. Lipstick or just lip liner was always the way forward in my life so I wasn’t expecting much from this lip gloss. It has a thick consistency which if I’m honest frightened me a bit, as thick consistency to me has always meant… sticky mess buuuut  I was pleasantly surprised. The colour was very sheer, with hints of sparkle and was a subtle rose gold colour – but could also be a ‘my-lips-but-better’ colour for some people. It didn’t stick at all, but I wouldn’t put too much on as it is thick and can feel quite heavy and waxy. This is a colour I will wear more every day, as I try once again to step out of my lip liner and lip stick phase..

I’m not sure where you can buy these products, as I said they were a present, but on the website seems like a pretty good place to start..

Lipliner price: £14.50

Lipstick: £12.50-£13

Lipgloss: £15.50-£16


Makingup xo

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