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Chunky Chelsea boots // BooHoo // £30

I know I’m late on the bandwagon but I have wanted a pair of chunky Chelsea boots for ages. I found my perfect pair on Miss Guided but they were forever out of my size. I finally found them on BooHoo, exactly the same pair just £5 cheaper! 

These are a size 4 and are a lot comfier than I thought they would be. The heel is sturdy and I feel steady walking in them – I never wear heels on an everyday basis so this is a first for me! 

I really recommend these as they can be worn in the day and the evening and just add that little extra something to your outfit. 




My love for MUA is ever growing, alongside Collection 2000, it is quickly becoming one of my favourite affordable high street beauty brands. After loving their £1 nail polish, (which really does work) I tried their £4 eye shadow palette in Undress Me Too. The palette consists of 12 eye shadows, each one a dupe for the corresponding one in Naked 2. I didn’t realise when I first got it, but it really is such an amazing dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked 2, at an unbelievably cheap price.

Here are some swatches below:

Some are very slightly off, but mostly the colours are exactly the same.The only difference I would say is the quality, with MUA’s shadows having slightly grainier texture and UDN2 being a lot smoother and pigmented. But this is expected considering the price difference. Other than that – if you love the colours in UD and don’t want to spend £36 this is such a good option at a fraction of the price!

Overall I’m glad I have this product – even if I have an almost identical palette, as I get so protective over my Naked palettes when I travel – that this is the perfect travelling alternative.

Do you know any dupes? I want to know! Tweet me: @making___up