Just a quick note to tell you about one of the best and universal Christmas gifts you can give someone this year.  Christmas shopping is stressful but I guarantee anyone will love this product.

It’s called a Juice Cube and it’s a portable phone charger which sounds reeeally boring but it’s so so good. Normally these portable phone chargers are absolutely crap but I got one for my birthday in September and it’s literally changed my life. If I forget to charge my phone over night, I just pop this in my bag and I’m guaranteed another 80% battery life.. It really works and looks cool too! You can get it in various colours to suit anyone and it lights up depending on how much it is charged. It’s not just for Iphones, it comes with different removable charging tips but you don’t actually need them.

Mine didn’t come with an I Phone 5 charging tip (not sure if they have updated that) but you just take the USB tip, put it in the cube and connect it to your phone and wha la!

Reading this back I sound like a proper sales person, but I am in no way associated with this brand, I just love it! (I’ve got the pink one)


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