After Benefit discontinued the highlighting and contouring duo 10 (which I am still heartbroken about) I hadn’t really even bothered looking for a new highlighter. I just contoured using a basic bronzing powder, but I think I might have found a new one.. and it’s from Benefit again!image (3)

I was lucky enough to get this highlighter in a goody bag and an event I went to last week and to be honest, I hadn’t heard much about it but surely anyone would be pleased with a brand new fully sized Benefit product given to them for free!?

As you may know if you read my earlier blog, the product I’m talking about is Benefit Watts Up Highlighter. I’ve never used a creamy stick highlighter before, only powder and the Benefit liquid highlighter, High Beam. So it did take me a few days to get used to and perfect a technique.

Eventually I found the best way for me, was to actually put the highlighter on before my foundation. This is because I wear medium – full coverage foundation, and when I put the highlighter straight onto my foundation, it would take a layer off at the same time..

So I came up with the genius idea of putting it on before my foundation and then blending everything in together and this worked great as it really looked like it was the radiance from my skin, rather than a highlighter. It is also a golden coloured highlighter, as opposed to a pearl type of shimmer like High Beam is and has a sponge blender at the other end which really helps soften out the edges to create a more natural glow.

image (2)As always the packaging is beautiful, I always love the way Benefit products look on my dressing table – they make feel so old fashioned glamour! Another great thing about this product is the way that it smells…. I don’t know whether this was intentional by Benefit or whether it’s just me being weird but it really smells of some form of buttercream icing. I’ve genuinely never had such a strong desire to eat a piece of make up before..

Priced at £24.50, it is quite an expensive product although I can tell, like most Benefit products that it will last a long time. But with Christmas coming up it looks like it could be a staple item on all beauty junkie’s lists!

Have you tried this product? What other highlighters do you like?


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