After Benefit discontinued the highlighting and contouring duo 10 (which I am still heartbroken about) I hadn’t really even bothered looking for a new highlighter. I just contoured using a basic bronzing powder, but I think I might have found a new one.. and it’s from Benefit again!image (3)

I was lucky enough to get this highlighter in a goody bag and an event I went to last week and to be honest, I hadn’t heard much about it but surely anyone would be pleased with a brand new fully sized Benefit product given to them for free!?

As you may know if you read my earlier blog, the product I’m talking about is Benefit Watts Up Highlighter. I’ve never used a creamy stick highlighter before, only powder and the Benefit liquid highlighter, High Beam. So it did take me a few days to get used to and perfect a technique.

Eventually I found the best way for me, was to actually put the highlighter on before my foundation. This is because I wear medium – full coverage foundation, and when I put the highlighter straight onto my foundation, it would take a layer off at the same time..

So I came up with the genius idea of putting it on before my foundation and then blending everything in together and this worked great as it really looked like it was the radiance from my skin, rather than a highlighter. It is also a golden coloured highlighter, as opposed to a pearl type of shimmer like High Beam is and has a sponge blender at the other end which really helps soften out the edges to create a more natural glow.

image (2)As always the packaging is beautiful, I always love the way Benefit products look on my dressing table – they make feel so old fashioned glamour! Another great thing about this product is the way that it smells…. I don’t know whether this was intentional by Benefit or whether it’s just me being weird but it really smells of some form of buttercream icing. I’ve genuinely never had such a strong desire to eat a piece of make up before..

Priced at £24.50, it is quite an expensive product although I can tell, like most Benefit products that it will last a long time. But with Christmas coming up it looks like it could be a staple item on all beauty junkie’s lists!

Have you tried this product? What other highlighters do you like?

Hearst Editors Talk @ The Millennium Hotel, Mayfair – 4th November 2013

Hearst Editors Talk @ The Millennium Hotel, Mayfair – 4th November 2013

Glamour, elegance…… and slight intimidation were my first thoughts when I turned up at The Millennium Hotel in Mayfair for the Hearst Editors Talk.

The hotel was really grand and was filled with fashionable aspiring journalists, potentially all after the same job as I am. I’d never been to an event like this before so I did feel a little out of place, especially when the waiters started pouring champagne and bringing round tiny little treats on trays! (which are called canapés apparently…)


Luckily where I was standing was right next to the conference room, so I was one of the first people in, and managed to get myself front row seats.

I was still feeling slightly nervous at this point but the panel host for the evening, Viv Groskop, really eased the audience in by making jokes and introduced the panel using funny anecdotes about their past.

The whole talk was relaxed and I quickly lost the image of a scary, out of touch editor from The Devil Wears Prada, and developed my own real representation. I learnt that the panel of editors are all real people, who have worked hard to get where they are now. I found all of them really approachable and friendly, which honestly took me by surprise.

Stay focused but be open minded”

Of course, the obvious question which they must get asked at every talk is how did you get to where you are now?

From this I got some really interesting quotes, as Mandie Gower from Zest magazine, which unfortunately soon after the talk announced its immediate closure, referred to the book Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell. This book constantly states you need 10,000 hours of practice before you will succeed, which relates back to The Beatles who had 10,000 hours of practice time in Europe, before arriving back in England to start their career. 

Mandie also said consistently that you must ‘stay focused but open minded’ meaning that you should be open to do any type of work within the media field as you will learn new experiences and skills that will help you in the future. Victoria White, Editor of Company, agreed and said that you should not be looking for your dream job now. 

hearst editors talkThis really  stuck in my head as I now realise that I have been so specific when I’ve applied for jobs or internships, that I’ve actually been missing out on another job, that could have taught me even more skills.

you should not be looking for your dream job now”

You may not like the job you are in at the beginning, but as long as you are learning and gaining skills then it will pay off is what Red Editor, Sarah Bailey added, as she told about her first job (after graduating from Cambridge with an English degree and a masters in Journalism from City!) was working at a tabloid real life magazine, where she had to write stories about murders and pets. Now look at how far she’s come…

I also I can’t forget to mention the amazing goody bag! I’ve never received a goody bag before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can tell you now I was not disappointed. It didn’t have any goody-bag-fillers that you’ll just throw away, but proper quality products.

image (1)


image (4)

These were all the treats in the goody bag, so as you can see you have Mon Epris, which is a 100% natural luxury skin care brand, we had 3 samples from them, full sized Benefit Watts Up Highligher, a bottle of Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Wave, Daily Essentials Face Cream, a book, I got The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke – I think everyone got a different one from her range – a pack of Smints, a small bottle of premium Bloom London Dry Gin, Proper Corn (pop corn), and an odd game called BananaGrams.

Overall this talk was extremely motivational and insightful and I’m really reeeally impressed with how the evening went. I advise any aspiring journalists to go to a similar event if they can, as you are able to meet the editors and gain invaluable knowledge about what you need to do to succeed.

Do you know of any similar events coming up? Let me know!